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Senior Consultant

Succeeding at work and reaching goals requires not only the right knowledge, but also a radiant and strong personality. As a senior consultant, you have solid knowledge and experience in management consulting and lead client projects with confidence.

At Capacent, we work in a modern way meaning less hierarchies and more responsibility. In your daily work, you meet with senior decision makers of large Nordic companies and known brands. You are confident in challenging the way these managers think and lead their respective companies, all with the aim of improving their business operations.

Senior consultants work with clients from define to sustain. This means helping clients identify the cause of their problems, define targets, and ensure that our advice is implemented in practice. As a result, our clients receive value for their money and sustainable change for their businesses. In addition to your responsibilities towards your clients, you are also secure in acting as a role model for your junior colleagues and offer them support and mentoring in their work.