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Working Capital Mana­gement

To implement world class working capital management we combine our unique subject matter expertise with a practical change management approach.

The Capacent working capital methodology – from business case to measured results – is proven through more than 300 working capital improvement projects in different types of companies, industries and countries. With our structured, fact based and hands-on approach we work with our customers from the board of directors to the factory workers to achieve a cash culture.


We work with working capital impacting processes such as:

  • Order to cash – e.g. reducing invoicing delays, improving collection routines.
  • Procure to pay – e.g. optimizing payment practices, improving negotiations for supplier terms and invoicing logics.
  • Order to delivery – e.g. improving inventory replenishment parameters, developing sales and operations planning
  • Reporting and KPIs – e.g. working capital dashboard with leading indicators

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