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Business Analytics

We provide our clients with the intelligence and information solutions that will drive their business into the digital future.

Data is increasingly seen as a strategical asset. Chief Data Officer is a title increasingly used; as are data scientist. We help our clients realize true business value out of their data, whether it means reaching actionable information, accomplishing deeper insights and better decisions or if data is used for driving innovation and business development. Practically this means that we have the right knowledge, processes, tools and abilities to take the flood of data that every organization amasses each day and transform it into insights that drives success. The key driver is the desired business impact the organization aims to reach from using their data strategically and drive their business into the future.

Walk the talk. World-class information management solutions should be an integral part of every business process in your organization, supporting profitability, growth, cost efficiency and operational excellence. Advanced analytics are enabling and driving the innovation and business development. We make sure every decision and action are based on insights from quality assured data, regardless if it is big or small, whether it originates from social media, the cloud or legacy systems.

We help you set the BI-strategy, vision and roadmap, design, implement and govern your analytics solution. We help you use your strategic data to enable and drive the innovation and business development. We do this across several technologies and platforms and see the process through until it is fully implemented, and your goals are achieved.

We are specialists in areas such as:

  • BI Strategy
  • Data Driven Innovation
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Information Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • BI Project & Change Management

Other services

Business Recovery

Capacent Business Recovery framework addresses the business challenges of the Corona crisis

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Get insights from experts

Stra­tegy and Organ­ization

We help clients to achieve solid business results while at the same time supporting them in building stronger and more capable organizations.

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Oper­ations Excellence

Together with our clients we design and implement world-class operations

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Pricing and Revenue Mana­gement

We optimize our clients’ revenue through price strategy re-definition and implementation of effective price governance and control.

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Improve cash flow performance permanently

Finance and Perfor­mance Mana­gement

We help clients achieve an efficient and business oriented finance function that supports strategy execution.

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Working Capital Mana­gement

To implement world class working capital management we combine our unique subject matter expertise with a practical change management approach.

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Market and Customer Excellence

We improve our customers’ market performance, define growth agendas and secure effective sales and marketing execution.

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Post Merger Integration

We help customers realize the value of mergers and acquisitions with well-proven methodology and deep expertise in a range of functional areas.

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