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28 feb 2020

How to mitigate Supply Chain disr­uption caused by Corona­virus

– actions for your position in the value


Europe has not yet seen the full effect of the Coronavirus impact on the production capacity from China.  It’s been reported that 94% of the Fortune 1000 companies are seeing Coronavirus supply chain disruptions, and the situation is similar within the European market with potential even larger effect if European suppliers are affected due to current outbreak in Italy. Our supply chain experts estimate that to fully recover from expected delays can take well over six months – why both immediate and proactive actions is needed to minimize damage.

We present several actions for you to consider to secure your position in the value chain and minimize the losses. Download the PDF!

We are just seeing the beginning on Coronavirus impact of our supply chain. Without local contacts our insight about upcoming delays would only be a fraction of what we now know.”

Some examples of actions for manufacturers:

  • Secure delivery of components & raw material
  • Maintain high efficiency within operations
  • Influence your customers product demand

Some examples of actions for wholesalers & retailers:

  • Secure supply to keep your business going
  • Local presence to ensure progress
  • Affect the buying behavior of your consumers