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14 apr 2020

Is a cash race initi­ative right for you? Comp­lete our test & find out!


In current times of economic uncertainties, it is essential to secure that measures are taken to establish a good liquidity and stability in the organization. By focusing on quickly reducing working capital, improving cash flow and reviewing the cost-structure through a cash race you can minimize the losses caused by the Coronavirus.

How can you tell if a cash race initiative should be on your agenda? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a clear and transparent cash flow prognosis?
  • Have you developed scenarios to adapt your daily business according to?
  • Do you experience that your business has required processes in place?

Take the self-assessment survey – and our experts will complete a review

Are your answers no to the questions above or do you want to find out more?  Continue to our survey to get an assessment of your situation from one of our working capital experts and continue the dialogue about a cash race initiative with our team.

We will provide you with a qualitative review based on your answers – we look forward to share insights and ideas of how to put you in a good cash position.