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19 sep 2019

Supply chain review — how it works!

Everyone wants to be the company where everything simply works, but sometimes not everything goes quite as planned. To truly achieve this goal, an organization needs to be flexible and reactive to quickly adapt to the unexpected while still having a stable core as its underpinning.


To achieve this mixture of balance and agility, it is essential that the entire company is working towards the same end goal and that everyone has the same vision in mind on how to achieve it. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses that exist within the supply chain is a crucial step in order to reach this end goal. So, how do you get there, and what should you do if your present circumstances are far away from your desired goal?

By taking control of the supply chain, internal and external factors can be managed and handled at an early stage, minimizing interruptions and inefficiencies. It makes it easier to redress the problems as well as implement corrective measures to effectively course-correct. We have constructed a Supply Chain Review model that allows the entire company to work towards the same goal and ultimately towards an aligned and uniform approach.

“The best supply chains aren’t just fast and cost-effective. They are also agile and adaptable, and they ensure that all their company´s interests stay aligned.”

– Harvard Business Review

The foundation behind the model utilizes our extensive experience in supply chain management; through our years of experience, we have challenged the traditional holistic model as we’ve realized its ambiguity and limitations. Instead, we have come to focus on identifying short-term improvements that feed into more expansive long-term adaptations that can be subordinated under the company’s larger goals and objectives.

We see our supply chain review model as a concept that:
  • Challenges the traditional model of a supply chain and its operations, working outside of these limitations to identify untapped resources/potential.
  • Provides recommendations and a plan of action to bridge the gap between the present circumstances and the ideal state through clear, articulated, and concrete goals.
  • Provides a structure to support the management and various operations of the company, as well as assisting in the decision-making aspects that most directly achieve a balanced supply chain.
  • Analyses the company’s management and efficiently monitors their supply chain to offer accurate and useful assessments of strengths/weaknesses in order to develop effective strategies.
  • Improves the interaction between the internal and external components of the supply chain, managing capacities, organizational structure, and efficiency procedures at every phase, from supplier to customer. Such measures heighten a company’s ability to handle unexpected externalities/interferences and enable the company to utilize their resources more efficiently.
We divide this process into the following phases:

We then work with the company to help effectively implement our recommendations, including a survey of areas that should be followed-up on in future, as well as providing an overall evaluation.

At the end you’ll have an efficient, functional, and stable supply chain; as a result, your organization will be more efficient, more agile, and will have greater manoeuvrability to handle anything — from the everyday to the wholly unexpected.

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