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19 sep 2019

Supply chain review — how it works!


Everyone wants to be the company where everything simply works, but sometimes not everything goes quite as planned. To truly achieve this goal, an organization needs to be flexible and reactive to quickly adapt to the unexpected while still having a stable core as its underpinning.

To achieve this mixture of balance and agility, it is essential that the entire company is working towards the same end goal and that everyone has the same vision in mind on how to achieve it. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses that exist within the supply chain is a crucial step in order to reach this end goal. So, how do you get there, and what should you do if your present circumstances are far away from your desired goal?

We have constructed a Supply Chain Review model that allows the entire company to work towards the same goal and ultimately towards an aligned and uniform approach. Download the PDF and get the model!

“The best supply chains aren’t just fast and cost-effective. They are also agile and adaptable, and they ensure that all their company´s interests stay aligned.”

– Harvard Business Review