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10 dec 2019

Cost-drivers in infrastructure and civil work implem­enta­tion projects


In a previous article covering infrastructure projects, we described how to create the most efficient infrastructure project. In this article we will deepen the understanding with a focus on cost and cost-drivers related to the implementation.

When investing in infrastructure and related projects with a large part of the cost related to civil works, there are several factors that affects everyday business negatively.

Some examples of cost-drivers could be:
  • Intense customer feed-back and related modifications
  • Civil works contractors not appearing
  • Faulty design
  • Missing permissions
  • Change orders
  • High capital burn-rate

In this article we review these cost-drivers and how to tackle them in the best possible way. We have talked to Björn Lundström who is a seasoned expert within Telecom and CT(I)O within Sweden and abroad. In the article he uses cable infrastructure project to exemplify cost-drivers.

The simplified logic is: most amount of users on the smallest area possible
– or most public value per Euro spent.”

Get the article

Want to know how to tackle the cost-drivers in your infrastructure project? We have gathered the learnings in this PDF.