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14 feb 2018

Ingrid’s experience

Ingrid’s experience from the Female Talent Program


Even before starting my last year at university I was certain that after graduating, I wanted to work within management consulting. Therefore, the Female Talent Program worked as a great opportunity for me to improve the necessary skills for my future career (and any application process), and to get to know one of the companies I was interested in.

I developed a lot during the three workshops. I learned how to better use my strengths and I became more aware of my weaknesses. I also got more comfortable with case solving and guesstimates and I advanced my presentation skills. However, most importantly – I had a great time!

Despite everything I have learned, my main takeaways from the Female Talent Program were the confidence boosts and the motivation I got from participating. We had several inspiring guest lectures with strong women and on top of this, I found friends in the other participants and in the Capacent employees. It was a truly supportive and positive environment which is exactly what you need when you are at the point of change in your life. I never had a dull moment and will never regret applying.