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14 feb 2018

Greta’s experience

Greta’s experience from the Female Talent Program


During the fourth year of my engineering studies, I started to think about my future career. At that point, I was missing a network where job application and early career advice could be shared. When I found Capacent’s Female Talent Program I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to get to know new people and prepare for the start of my professional journey.

The program was designed around three occasions where we had different sessions with presentation and case training, inspiring guest speakers and individual coaching. This was a great opportunity to learn how to solve guesstimates and cases from experienced consultants. It also gave me a new confidence to execute presentations and case interviews which is an important step for almost every recruiting process.

Additionally, I got to know many new talented females; both people in the same position as me but also more experienced. We shared both learnings and tips with each other, and this was not only done during the three occasions but also in more personal settings – giving us the best preparation for recruitment processes. By meeting all these people, I realized that this network that I was missing started to form, and also that the Capacent culture is the right fit for me.