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Sargon Danho

Capacent, more than just a workplace

As I write this blog, I recall the fall of 2018, when I was confused and unsure of what I wanted to do after graduation. The possibilities were endless, and it was hard to navigate in this jungle of opportunities. In order to choose where I wanted work eventually, I started reflecting on how I wanted my life to look like during the upcoming years. For me, it was important to work in a place where I felt like I matter. I did not want to be a pawn in a bigger game. Furthermore, I wanted my future workplace to be much more than just a workplace. I did not want my workplace to be an office, instead I wanted it to be a place where inspiration, innovation and wellbeing comes to life.

However, I was unsure whether I would find an employer like that, but I decided to do my best to search for one. I made a list of promising employers based on the factors I valued, and after a while, I started to understand the companies, and what they stood for. Early during this process, I stumbled upon Capacent, and my intuition told me that this might be the right place for me. Right then, I decided to get onboard.

In hindsight, I can tell you that I am grateful that I had good judgment when I decided to get onboard. After a short period of three weeks at Capacent, I already feel certain that I work for a company that is more than just a workplace. People are smart yet humble, ambitious yet supporting, professional yet personable. At Capacent, we genuinely trust and care for each other and we challenge established ways of working to find new, better ways. Challenges are met with a positive mindset and this culture is appreciated by everyone, which is proven by the high retention rate at the firm.

I hope I have inspired you and if you feel like you fit the bill, do not hesitate to contact me or anyone else at Capacent. We love to meet like-minded individuals aspired to challenge the status-quo.