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Sanna Blomqvist

My first 4 weeks at Capacent

My first contact with Capacent was during the Female Talent Program which I participated in during the fall of 2018. Capacent hosted three event days with focus on personal development and what a career at Capacent is like. After finishing the Female Talent Program, I was hooked. My gut feeling combined with my personal experience during these three days was that Capacent was a great company to work at, with open, smart and genuinely nice people. The Female Talent Program ended up in me being interested in Capacent to the extent that I continued with the recruitment process for the Capacent Analyst Rotational Program (CARP), with the goal of being an analyst at Capacent.

As a soon-to-be engineer I signed my job contract at Capacent and started to look forward to September and the job start. Capacent invited us newly employed analysts to several events during the spring of 2019. We had a cooking class, after work and a summer party, and got to spend time with our colleagues to be. Meeting almost everyone at the Stockholm office during the spring made the first day at work a piece of cake (not really, I was nervous anyways…), but it was however a fun way to meet your new colleagues in advance.

The concept of CARP is really what made me engage in Capacent, in addition to the people I met at the office during the Female Talent Program. Who would not like to get to try different business areas through a rotational program? I find it unique and a chance to get to know the company from different valuable perspectives by working with different projects within Operations, Finance, Digital & AI and Strategy & Commercial. Our first two weeks at the office was dedicated to on-boarding activities such as getting to know our new colleagues, understanding where the company is heading and also an introduction to different analysis tools. This was truly a great start to our year as analysts in order to feel more comfortable with the coming work.

To summarize, my first 4 weeks in management consulting and at Capacent has been amazing and I look forward to many fun and challenging projects in the future.