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Greta Josefsson

CARP-reflection from the Gothenburg office

Three weeks ago, me and 12 other colleagues entered the office at Capacent to start the Analyst Rotational Program. I stepped into the office with a lot of excitement but also a bit of nervousness about what was ahead of me. After getting an introduction and meeting my new colleagues, the nervousness disappeared and was replaced by expectations for my first year at Capacent.

The rotational program at Capacent gives you the possibility to work within three different business areas for one year. My first rotation will be within the Operations area, which is very suitable for me because of my educational background. Even if I think that Operations is the area where I want to pursue my future career, it will be a great experience to learn more about other areas as well. And who knows, maybe I will find another area even more suitable for me?

The rotational program started with two weeks of introduction at the Stockholm office, consisting of internal courses to get a better understanding of Capacent and their way of working, as well as training in useful tools used in the everyday life of a consultant. The lectures were also combined with social activities in order for us to get to know each other in a more laidback environment. Since I will be a part of the Gothenburg office, I found these introduction weeks very helpful to get an overall understanding of the organization and build my network within Capacent. This network will be developed even further since one of my rotations most likely will be at the Stockholm office. This will also expand my understanding of different working methods and competencies that exist within the organization.

After only one week within the organization, I got the opportunity to work on a Working Capital analysis for a client. In that way I was able to early get an understanding of how a typical project at Capacent may look like. Throughout this first project, I got continuous feedback which is highly valued at Capacent. This is one thing that I appreciate with the culture at Capacent, that people are not only speaking about the values but also living by them. Another way to work with feedback here at Capacent is that everyone is assigned at least one mentor which ensures that development is in line with personal goals.

My expectations for my first fulltime job were high, but my experiences from the rotational program so far have been even better. After three weeks, I know that the Analyst Rotational Program is the perfect start for my future career.