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Frida Rogberg

My experience from the Analyst Rotational Program

In September I completed the Analyst Rotational Program and finished my first year at Capacent. The program has given me valuable insights into our different service areas, developed my “consultant toolbox”, helped me build my internal network, and allowed me to work with a range of different projects. Overall, the program has guided me in the transition from a fresh graduate into my current role as a consultant.

The steep learning curve that I experienced during the program was enabled partly by the educational package that Capacent offers, where I got to develop my skills in different software tools, presentation techniques, storyboarding, courses related to our different offerings and much more. Another reason was that my colleagues, no matter position in the company, were always helpful and supportive, which I believe reflects our flat organizational culture. Last but not least, I was given the opportunity to take an active role in projects early on- learning by doing!

The program allows you to rotate into our different service areas and offices, giving you the opportunity to work with various projects and team constellations. A common role that I took in a project was to handle data and conduct different analyzes, but I also participated in workshops and interviews, and spent time both on-site with our clients as well as in our own office. One of my first projects was an inventory control project on a production site, where the scope was to review the current inventory performance and find potential improvements. I have also been part of a transportation tendering project, where my role was to conduct different analyzes that were used in negotiations with distributors. Another project was within the retail industry where we reviewed the client’s pricing strategy and their loyalty program.

When I graduated from the university I found it hard to know what area I wanted to focus on. The Analyst Rotational Program has helped me make that decision and I believe the program has been a great start to my career.