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Maja Sölve

Excitement, anticipation and nervousness

I doubt I am the only one whose stomach fills with a mix of excitement, anticipation and nervousness when starting a new job – specifically if that job is the first one out of university. So, what do the first couple of weeks at Capacent and the Analyst Rotational Program actually include?

At the time of writing this blog post, I am finishing up my second week so I can assure you it’s all top of mind. It was with great enthusiasm that I stepped into the office day 1. I had already been here several times, obviously for interviews, but also during onboarding and teambuilding activities. I had not only met my fellow analysts several times, but also many consultants, managers, directors and the CEO- this helped me feel at home early on. Us new analysts spent the first two days together, getting general information and doing internal courses. This also included a dinner and teambuilding activities.

On the third day, we were placed in our first rotations. For me this meant Operations, an area in which I have very little previous experience. Although this made me nervous at first, I soon realized that I not only have experts at my disposal to teach me everything I need to know, the flat organization and open atmosphere also makes it possible to ask about anything. I was placed into a working capital project as early as my second week and am learning a lot. Since I joined this specific project I have had several one-on-one sit-downs with a previous analyst, and we are together with the rest of the team working on defining a good structure for the project’s underlying analysis.

One thing that has really stayed with me from these first two weeks at Capacent is how the importance of communication and transparency is highlighted throughout all areas of the organization. Not only have I been given many possibilities to ask questions about my current project, but I also have a couple of colleagues that act as mentors to me – to help me develop my skills as a consultant and make sure I succeed in finding the right work-life balance.

In addition to this, I have an appointed sounding board from last year’s analyst program, with whom I can discuss anything I like. Naturally, everyone’s introduction to a new company varies. For me however, the open company culture and extensively thought-out onboarding process has certainly helped disintegrate that knot of uncertainty I had in my stomach the first day, and I’m looking forward to keeping up my steep learning curve throughout the rest of the year!