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Carl Andersson

CARP-reflection from the Malmö office

At the time of writing, some weeks has passed since the introduction days at the office in Stockholm. I believe I speak for all the analysts when I say that we had a great time at the introduction, and that we all went home with great anticipations for “what’s next”. Personally, these anticipations begun to take shape during my first year at the university and has been continuously growing over time. When starting an education, one takes a step in a certain direction regarding a future profession, but I still spent a lot time imagining exactly what it would be. Five years at the university is a long time, so for me, it was important not to close too many doors at an early stage. However, over time I slowly sorted out my preferences which ultimately lead me to Capacent and the Analyst Rotational Program (CARP). Little over three weeks in, I truly believe my high anticipations has become actual expectations.

The rotational program allows me to continue to expand my understanding of my capabilities. By experiencing projects and working methods from three different business areas, I will not only get relevant insight regarding the competences of Capacent, but also regarding my own competences. Variation and the option to choose is important to me, hence I considered the rotational program as a great fit.

After these first weeks, the presence of Capacent’s strategic and organizational values has become clear. It permeates how issues are tackled, meetings are constructed and future is planned. As a newly graduate and employee, this kind consistency gives me confidence in what I do and it enables me to be autonomous when approaching new challenges. In parallel with what I just described, my colleagues daily remind me about this being an organization where one’s opinion is valued and that everyone is available to everyone.

My first rotation takes place at the Malmö office, which has a strong focus towards the business area operations. Hence it seemed to be very well-suited to my educational background, and within my first week I got involved in a project to develop future supply chain strategies and solutions. Beyond such exciting projects and encouraging colleagues, the rotation also offers stationing at different offices. That is another great attribute of the program which I believe also represents how both collaboration and cohesion range over offices.

Even though my time at Capacent just started, I am convinced that this is great place to work and very pleased over the opportunity to participate in CARP!