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Andreas Engwall

Soon, I will be an engineer. Then what?

That was a question I asked myself during the fall of 2017. After almost five years of university, you might think that you would have figured out what you would like to do. For those of you who have – congratulations! For others, like myself, this decision can feel overwhelming.

For some time during the fall, I dedicated a significant portion of my time to overcome this question. I reflected on what I valued, what kind of characteristics I was looking for in a company, what I wanted to work with. After a few weeks of reflection, I figured out that the business area might not be central for me right now. Instead, I wanted to learn, be challenged, and gain a broad experience of different industries. Subsequently, management consulting was the right fit for me. With its dynamic and challenging projects, it seemed like a great opportunity for me to gain experience in a variety of industries whilst building a broad skillset. The Capacent Analyst Rotational Program stood out in this aspect. The program allowed you to explore projects in many business areas, rotating between Operations, Finance, and Strategy & Commercial. Together with the focus on personal and professional development, the program covered everything I was looking for. It seemed like a perfect fit!

Alongside what to work with, the aspect of whom I wanted to work with appeared just as important. My answer was engaging, intelligent, and funny people, who share the same values as me. In one way, this is reflected in the company values, but it may be a difficult area to evaluate beforehand. In my case, I did the best I could in evaluating the people I met during the recruitment process. The pragmatic, humble, and open spirit of the employees was something I really appreciated. I could really imagine myself working together with these people.

Shortly after accepting the offer, I was invited to different on-boarding activities e.g. after works, lunches, games, and the summer party. This resulted in that I got to know a lot of new people and felt like a part of the company long before the actual starting date. Empowering the feeling that I had made a great decision joining Capacent!

So, now I am an engineer, completing my third week of the Analyst Rotational Program and I feel excited about the adventures to come here at Capacent!