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The Gender Equality Roadmap

What it is

The Gender Equality Roadmap works to assess and transform the status of gender equality within an organization.  It is a holistic approach that focuses on several key elements concerning gender equality.   The main purpose of the roadmap is though to expose the unconscious gender bias that is often found in the culture, environment and structure of companies – whether it works in the favor of men or women.

Why the Gender Equality Roadmap?

What makes the Gender Equality Roadmap unique is Capacent’s large experience within business transformation and change management. The organization’s knowledge of gender equality is complemented by its deep business understanding to build a practical solution within the corporate environment.

Showing that Gender Equality is a high priority within the organization not only allows a greater ability to attract the most qualified people of both genders, but also provides a working environment that will want to make them stay.

How it’s done

The Gender Equality Roadmap uses a three-stage approach: Status assessment, transformation, and education and KPI’s.

The status assessment is done to document the current status of gender equality within the company and highlight any possible issues. The assessment focuses on several key elements such as culture within communication and within the working environment in general, corporate strategy, organizational structure, salaries and role models.

After this status assessment, transformation projects are set up to relieve any issues that have been discovered. Once the projects have been implemented, the final stage is initiated where the organization is educated on how to follow up on gender related KPI’s and ensure that the new changes are sustainable.


After the project has been completed, the company is formally confirmed as a participant of the Gender Equality Road Map of Capacent and is given authorization to use the Gender Equality Road Map logo in advertisements and promotional materials. They are also added to the society of participant members on Capacent’s website and given the opportunity to take part in an annual “Think Tank of CEOs”, where the CEOs discuss ways to improve gender equality in the Icelandic business environment.

To ensure that the implemented changes are not forgotten along the way, they are also given an annual “health check” for the three years following the project to measure how well they are meeting their gender equality objectives.