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Working Capital Mana­gement

Improve your profitability and release cash to finance your organic growth and strategic initiatives. Working capital optimization is about practical cross-functional actions linked to measurable targets, leading to lasting operational changes.
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Working capital is an excellent indicator of a company’s operational effectiveness. Optimizing working capital is about improving operational end to end processes, and eliminating sub optimization by focusing on cross functional teams, targets and KPIs. And, it is about challenging myths and habits with fact based insights and best practices.

We work with our customer teams, from board of directors to the factory floor, releasing tied capital and improving business processes. Our world-class working capital management practise combines unique subject matter expertise with a practical change management approach.


How to execute a working capital optimization project

Key focus areas within our working capital management offering are:

  • Order to cash – e.g. reducing invoicing delays, improving collection routines.
  • Procure to pay – e.g. optimizing payment practices, improving negotiations for supplier terms and invoicing logics.
  • Order to delivery – e.g. improving inventory replenishment parameters, developing sales and operations planning
  • Reporting and KPIs – e.g. working capital dashboard with leading indicators

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