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Cash release from oper­ations

We’ll help you release cash from operations to finance your growth and strategic initiatives by optimizing your working capital.

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Working capital optimization – Release cash for growth & investments

Finance your growth or strategic development initiatives by releasing cash from your own operations instead of using external financing. We help you to improve your profitability and release cash from the balance sheet by optimizing your working capital.

Working Capital optimization is a cross-functional effort of the entire organization. It’s about shortening lead times, removing or improving non-value adding tasks, and preventing commitment on inventories in advance of actual customer demand information.


“Capacent’s approach – with a clear structure and determined implementation – helped us to achieve significant results meeting our expectations. Project management was based on KPI’s derived from detailed data on key process phases, which enabled us to track the results and development accurately. The metrics and follow-up processes created during the project, allow us to further develop our cash flow in the future, as well.”

Tero Jussila, Director Finance, Maintpartner Group Oy

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Let’s make your company more profitable

Improve cash flow performance permanently 

We help you to improve your cash flow performance permanently by creating stabile and self-sufficient operative model changes – not just a documented set of recommendations or stand-alone templates.


Improve cash flow performance permanently

Achieve operational effectiveness with measurable results

We help you to improve your end-to-end operational processes and eliminate sub-optimization by focusing on cross-functional teams, targets, and KPIs. Our practical change methodology guarantees we set realistic, measurable targets and KPIs together with you, and we monitor, learn, and take actions based on data.

operational effectiveness

Get insights from experts who have released millions of euros in numerous companies

Our people have worked in cash-release projects both as in-house employees and as consultants. They have experience of various different kinds of cash releasing projects, with an emphasis on manufacturing, construction, and retail companies. They work closely with your organization’s experts, from the board of directors to the factory floor, giving them hands-on change support to release tied capital and improve business processes – in whatever form is needed.

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Key benefits of working capital management
  • Enable fast and profitable growth by building less cash-absorbing operations
  • Improve flexibility by delaying the time for committing to decisions and expenses
  • Improve cross-functional alignment by resolving deep-rooted sub-optimization and misalignment issues
  • Build processes that allow stability and predictability in financial performance
  • Release cash and put it to better use
Key focus areas within our cash release from operations offering

Some specific example areas where we can help you:

  • Source to pay – process: Optimize payment practices, risk sharing with suppliers, improve and support supplier negotiations
  • Order to delivery – process: Improve inventory replenishment practices and parameters, develop sales & operations planning
  • Order to cash – process: Reduce invoice delays, improve collection routines
  • Reporting, tools and KPIs: Improve process and analysis automation, build a working capital dashboard, implement leading indicators


Our way of working - From a business case to measured sustainable results

Step 1: Define opportunity
  • Diagnosis through quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Performance gaps, improvement areas, and top-down targets
  • Subproject descriptions
  • High-level roadmap for execution
  • Need for change

Result: Common understanding of challenges and potential development initiatives – is there a business case or not

Step 2: Deployment plan
  • Detailed planning for transformation per stream
  • Bottom-up targets & release schedule estimation
  • Finalize performance metrics, targets, and scope
  • Project story & people-focused change plan


Result: Detailed deployment plan per stream (activities, timeline, resources)

Step 3: Create and execute
  • Create processes, policies, and tools
  • Mobilizing competencies for change (training)
  • Weekly project & change management with individual coaching
  • Transparent progress procedures & active red-flagging of challenges


Result: Target reached, stronger organization

Step 4: Governance and sustain
  • Ensuring sustainability through well-functioning process for continuous improvement
  • Fully implemented governance and monitoring models
  • Reactions to deviations in figures
  • Case-by-case support based on need

Result: Governance and monitoring in place to enable further improvements in operative processes

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