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Pricing and Revenue Mana­gement

Optimize your revenue through price strategy re-definition and implementation of effective price governance and control. Pricing has a fast and direct impact on the bottom line. Capacent Pricing is about defining strategy, applying analytics and best practices combined with driving organizational change.

Pricing is probably the management area with the largest and fastest direct impact on bottom line. Since 1983 we have helped hundreds of companies improve their pricing and revenue management performance.

Our team has a potent mix of experiences in defining strategy, applying powerful analytical techniques, and driving organizational change. We work with pricing across industries like medical, FMCG, financial services, retail, media, transport and industrial goods and services.

Key focus areas within our pricing management offering are:

  • Pricing Strategy & Tactics
  • Value-based Pricing & Selling
  • Complete pricing and discount frameworks
  • Revenue Management & Optimization
  • Pricing Capabilities in Organization, Processes & Systems
  • Customer Insights into Customer Value, Pricing Perceptions & Buying Behavior

Other services

Working Capital Mana­gement

Improve your profitability and release cash to finance your organic growth and strategic initiatives. Working capital optimization is about practical cross-functional actions linked to measurable targets, leading to lasting operational changes.

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Perfor­mance Mana­gement

Companies tend to have sufficient reporting in place, however using this information for timely actions is difficult. Capacent Performance Management is all about setting up a culture where you manage your performance through frequent review of critical operat...

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Business Analytics

Data is at the heart of all operations. Understanding and utilizing the data available is key in creating desired business impact. Capacent Business Analytics is about gaining advantage by leveraging your data and establishing fact-based decision-making as a c...

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