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Pricing and Revenue Mana­gement

Optimize your revenue streams by strengthening your pricing capabilities and gaining more pricing power! Pricing has a fast and direct impact on your company’s profitability.

Pricing can be viewed as a set of distinct strategic capabilities: how do you set your prices, and once set, are you able to get that price or does it erode in an uncontrolled manner due to discounting or giving additional service elements for free?

Capacent’s Nordic Pricing team can enhance your profitability by identifying the opportunities for improving your pricing capabilities and designing a project tailored to meet your specific needs and take your company to the next level.

Our approach combines modern business analytics, strategic thinking and hands-on experience on driving change within organizations. We have previous experience from pricing and revenue management across multiple industries including transportation, industrial goods and services, retail and FMCG.

Key focus areas within our pricing and revenue management offering:

  • Defining and developing pricing strategies
  • Understanding the needs of different customer segments and their willingness to pay
  • Designing discounting structures and policies e.g. across multiple sales channels / countries
  • Assessing and stopping price leakages
  • Enhancing pricing skills, processes and systems within organizations

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