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Business Analytics

Data is at the heart of all operations. Understanding and utilizing the data available is key in creating desired business impact. Capacent Business Analytics is about gaining advantage by leveraging your data and establishing fact-based decision-making as a core value for your company.

Often Business Intelligence is seen as an IT responsibility and a cost factor, rather than as the value driver it really should be.

With the right approach, knowledge, processes, tools and abilities data can be a strategic asset driving success, whether it is supporting profitability, growth, cost efficiency or operational excellence.

Our team’s knowledge and experience in Business Analytics – BI-strategy, vision and roadmap creation, solution design and implementation as well as governance will help you in achieving what ever you are aiming for.

We at Capacent work across several technologies and industries, creating a culture of fact based decision making.

Key focus areas within our Business Analytics offering are:

  • Business Intelligence Strategy
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions Development
  • Business Intelligence Project & Change Management
  • Information Management
  • Integrated offering - Working Capital Management Analytics
  • Integrated offering - Pricing Analytics
  • Integrated offering - Performance Management

Other services

Working Capital Mana­gement

Improve your profitability and release cash to finance your organic growth and strategic initiatives. Working capital optimization is about practical cross-functional actions linked to measurable targets, leading to lasting operational changes.

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Pricing and Revenue Mana­gement

Optimize your revenue streams by strengthening your pricing capabilities and gaining more pricing power! Pricing has a fast and direct impact on your company’s profitability.

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Perfor­mance Mana­gement

Whether you are already drowning in KPIs and wish to start focusing, or simply have difficulties in aligning your organization to head in a selected direction, you could benefit from developing your performance management together with Capacent.

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