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Boosting your profitability

We help mid-size and large companies enhance their profitability by releasing cash from operations, optimizing supply chain performance and improving their bottom-line with smarter pricing strategies.

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We are ready to tie our fee to the measurable results we achieve together.

We drive meaningful change by directing actions to address root causes. Results are achieved in close collaboration with key staff members in our client organizations – from board rooms to the factory floor.

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Cash release from oper­ations

We’ll help you release cash from operations to finance your growth and strategic initiatives by optimizing your working capital.

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Responsive Supply Chain Mana­gement

We help you build and operate a supply chain that gives you a competitive advantage - also when the going gets rough.

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Improve cash flow performance permanently

Total Cost Effici­ency

We help you gain control over your total costs and turn it into a source of competitive advantage.

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KassaT­urva (Beat the impact of Covid-19)

Suojelemme yrityksesi kassaa yllättävältä talouden laskusuhdanteelta operatiivisin keinoin. Takaamme tulokset viemällä asiat ripeästi käytäntöön yhdessä yrityksesi asiantuntijoiden kanssa.

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Stra­tegic Pricing

We help optimize your pricing to support your commercial strategy and achieve profitable growth.

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Some of our clients

We started from a rather low-performance level, but after half a year, we had made a substantial improvement and reached a 90% delivery accuracy level for the first time.

We increased the delivery performance by 50 percent points.

Mats Jungar, CEO, Elematic

The Capacent consultants gained our trust at an early stage by ensuring they have a thorough understanding of the problem at hand and bringing their expertise and best practices that together with our people are being adjusted to match our situation. They have coached our key persons through the implementation making them believe in that the change truly is possible to achieve. This project is actually the first one where I solely have received positive feedback from the organization on using external consultants.

Robin Lindahl, President and CEO, Normet Group

Capacent has increased the speed and professionalism in our change work by creating a sense of urgency through clear communication on the reasons for change and detailed targets on various organizational levels. Capacent has supported us in a dedicated manner. We can already see results and expect them to materialize further going forward.

Martti Ala-Härkönen, CFO of Caverion Corporation

The Capacent project model combines a high ambition level with an inspiring way of working and measurable targets.

Mats Danielsson, Senior Vice President, CFO, Paulig LTD