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Capacent is management consulting

We value our cultural heritage and work in a Nordic way – uncomplicated, fast and pragmatic.

Organizations choke on actions

Directions decided and targets set, but the means to reach them get less focus. Key people are exhausted and results are lagging. It's time for a mindset change. Capacent_From doing to achieving.

Substantial boost of your profit and cash flow

Companies have strategies to implement and KPI's to improve. With relevant subject matter expertise from a Capacent team combined with a structured project approach, profitability improvements are substantial and lasting. Capacent_From business case to measurable results.

Business is about people

Change is never easy, ultimately it is about changing how people work and behave. The Capacent team will work together with your people to ensure change happens and projects are successful. Capacent_From board room to shop floor.

Management consulting is far more than analytics and recommendations

PowerPoints are not driving results, people are. Capacent is a team of Nordic consultants that work cross-functionally, fact based and hands-on to empower the right people. Capacent_We believe in value focus, curiosity and going all the way.


Working Capital Mana­gement

Improve your profitability and release cash to finance your organic growth and strategic initiatives. Working capital optimization is about practical cross-functional actions linked to measurable targets, leading to lasting operational changes.

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Pricing and Revenue Mana­gement

Optimize your revenue through price strategy re-definition and implementation of effective price governance and control. Pricing has a fast and direct impact on the bottom line. Capacent Pricing is about defining strategy, applying analytics and best practices...

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Perfor­mance Mana­gement

Companies tend to have sufficient reporting in place, however using this information for timely actions is difficult. Capacent Performance Management is all about setting up a culture where you manage your performance through frequent review of critical operat...

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The Capacent consultants gained our trust at an early stage by ensuring they have a thorough understanding of the problem at hand and bringing their expertise and best practices that together with our people are being adjusted to match our situation. They have coached our key persons through the implementation making them believe in that the change truly is possible to achieve. This project is actually the first one where I solely have received positive feedback from the organization on using external consultants.

Robin Lindahl, President and CEO, Normet Group