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Our Promise

- with the focus on people, including the people of our client organizations, all change and value growth will be sustainable and long term.
We make value and people grow

–   We deliver results, sustainable and measurable ones. We tackle a problem from the board room to the shop floor to find a solution that works for your organization and your specific needs – and implement it.

   We are committed to our customers success – we want to give you a good return on your investment, and we care about your businesses to an extent that goes beyond the individual project at hand.

   By mastering communications, by understanding organizational and individual behavior, by crunching the numbers, by excelling in strategic advisory and by plain old common sense.


CEO - Edvard Björkenheim

”What sets us apart is our ability to combine comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analyses with industry know-how, business knowledge, a digital competence and dedicated consultants that are used to drive change. Capacent doesn’t present a pre-made answer, instead we deliver a custom solution that we tailor to each customer’s needs.”

Capacent is management consulting – the Nordic way

   We value our cultural heritage and work in a nordic way – uncomplicated, fast and pragmatic.

   We do not believe in hierarchies but in unlimited access and fruitful collaboration of equals. Our way of communicating is plain, honest and direct. We do more and talk less.

   Continuous curiosity for the present as well as the future shall always shape our ways of working, though not to forget that plain old common sense also play its role for the best outcome.